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Thursday, December 17, 2009

rawr ! i'm stressed out. thinking a lot. i'm tired. =S

christmas is coming. but somehow i have no idea what i want.

-bangs head on bed-

1. iphone
2. vest
3. nice casual shoes
4. smart jacket
5. most imptly, her.

either way. i also don't feel like i really want what i've listed. -.-" so sian. but the last item stands.

shouted at 3:03 AM

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i hate biasness.

when 2 situation with different subjects are progressing the same way. however, the same person's perception of one instance is way different from the other instance. despite them having the same meaning.

really pisses the shit out of me.


shouted at 1:24 AM

Saturday, October 03, 2009

sometimes, life's a bitch. but who bothers.

it's the ppl around you who makes you feel that way.

but they don't bother.

oh bother.

what more if the person has a certain value.


why has it got to be?

oh well.

sometimes, all i ask for it just a bit of something. maybe some form of expression.

i'm not a mind reader. neither am i good at understanding.

so i need conversion.

shouted at 11:55 PM

Thursday, September 24, 2009

my life is like a corrupted analyser. -.-"

you prepare a sample, ready for analysis, hoping to get yr desired results.

first time you put in, barcode error.

fix it. put in. reagent lot empty.

get a new one. put it in. buffer empty.

get a new one. put it in. waste container full.

clear the crap. put it in. priming tube has a hole.

fix it. put it in. rotatory belt malfunction.

replace it. probe spoil.

it just never fall into place. none the sort you hope for. just unexpected scenarios, slamming yr face.

what happen? hurhur?! no.1 soccer rule...always expect the unexpected !!! epic fail uh wess !!!

bi- is the way to go. it gets boring when everything's uni. RAH !!!!

oh bother.

shouted at 9:49 PM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i feel so sian...=((((

i feel like dying. so can rest in peace. =S

life is mundane and repetitive. i want more new things in life...

everything is so...norm?


shouted at 8:43 PM

Friday, July 24, 2009

i swear upon my life today was the most fcuk-strating, pissing, no-link day ever.

cheesed. pissed. ticked. everything you name it, i have it.

so kill me.

i'm so mad, i don't even know what i want to do now. shaken. screwed. fcuked up.

i'm so fazed, i want to scream so loud my lungs burst. but i can't. it's 1124pm. -.-"

no one will understand me.

even my mom says i'm stressed out.

so be it.

ppl say woman have a higher threshold of pain as compared to men. but i swear men have so much more mental endurance as compared to a woman.

my mom says life is short. enjoy it. make things to its fullest. so what ? i drop my feelings and go party ? should i? will i?



i'm going to slp and forget this fcuked up day ever happened.

shouted at 11:22 PM

Thursday, July 16, 2009

i swear today is the worst day ever.

from the tine, while i'm slping. until the time i sit at the comp.

everything is so fcuked up.

fcuk !!!

i've been holding my tongue. frustrations. argghhh !

i wanna have fun ! i don't want responsibilities.

i don't feel like talking anymore. i'm off.

shouted at 7:04 PM